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  • Overview
    There are two dimensions that make a restaurant a truly remarkable dining experience. One is the atmosphere. Now in the world of BBQ, at least, it can be tricky to please everyone's tastes. Most BBQ restaurants find it difficult to appeal to your "hardcore, hole-in-the-wall, hometown, loyal juke jointers", and your "mother of three needs to feed her kids something besides pizza if only there were a place to get BBQ ribs and my feet didn't stick to the floor" type customers at the same time. Yet Bad Bob's BBQ restaurants are renowned for just that, and people all over the country are beginning to see what it means to visit a Bad Bob's. If the smell of championship quality smoked ribs and chicken doesn't hit you from the street, then the twang of Memphis blues and the bold red and black decor will certainly grab you right as you open that door. The Bad Bob's mascot, with his snarling grin, just about sum it all up. After you've got them seated the other dimension, of course, is the product itself. Now here is something everyone agrees on. We have adapted our best recipes from the competition circuit and are able to produce a high quality item that is worthy of a Memphis in May judges palate. For most of your crossover boys, your everyday patron eats nothing quite like a grand champion winning pork shoulder that has been smoked for ten hours. Our revolutionary process, however, allows amazing control and consistency of our food as it cooks in a computer controlled smoker overnight. What's more is that we provide all rubs and sauces on the side. Try to find a BBQ joint confident enough to serve their food undoused and unseasoned. What they call the status quo, we call having something to hide. And although we have our methods in the kitchen, our customers have found our rubs and sauces to compliment everything from potato chips to eggs, hence the Bad Bob's Hot Sauce motto: "It's not just for breakfast anymore." The point is, owning a Bad Bob's is more than just a lucrative business opportunity, it's the ability to become involved in an establishment you can be proud of; the type of place people talk about. We are quickly becoming the hometown hangout and supper quick pick up for BBQ fans everywhere. Read below for more information on BadBob's BBQ Franchises.
  • Why BadBob's?
    In 1994 BadBob’s started cooking as a hobby in local BBQ contest. In 1997 BadBob’s BBQ started cooking in Memphis in May sanctioned BBQ contest all over the country, finishing 4th in the world from 1997 thru 2000, 3 out of the 4 years. This among many other state championships and bbq contest awards. During this period of time BadBob’s developed the award winning sauces and rubs that are used and sold on the retail market today. Products like HawgRub, Cockadoodle Rub, Special Sauce and more are just a few products we produce for our restaurants both in bulk and for retail sales. BadBob’s currently has multiple locations in the TN and KY areas with new locations coming aboard. BadBob’s started franchising in June 2002 and has become an overnight success. BadBob’s utilizes special computerized cooking techniques to help reduce labor cost. BadBob’s also uses specialized point of sale software and hardware to help control your store.
  • Training
    BadBob’s has a complete training staff. Our staff provides both pre opening assistance and onsite training. Franchisees are required to attend training classes for 5 days at one of the BadBob’s stores. On opening our staff will stay with you for 5 days to get you off the ground. We currently have a full line of DVD & CD training available, as well as training manuals. Additional training available.
  • Customized Point of Sale Software
    Your store is constantly monitored online by BadBob’s in-house designed and developed database for NextPos point of sale software. Our software is specialized for the bbq business and is touch screen based for ease of use. Reporting can be forwarded from our central office to a location you specify for back office functionality. You can monitor your store from anywhere high-speed Internet access is available. Here are the capabilities of our software system. Point of Sale Capabilities: Basic Point of Sale Features Numerous features & capabilities to save you time & money Remote kitchen & bar printer support Remote order packaging printer support Touch Screen Based Order Entry Barcode Based Order Entry Dine In Order Type Support Visual Table Layout Support Table Management Support Hostess Features Reservation Features Flexible Menu Item Pricing Support Popup Forced Modifier Screens One Touch Order Split & Combine Direct Recall of Another Open Order From within Order Entry Screen Visual Bar Customer Attribute Selection Take Out Order Type Support Customer Information Tracking One Touch Order Duplication Delayed Send Order Notification Order, Item, & Cash Discounts Capability Drive Thru Order Type Support Drive Thru Completion Timing Delivery Order Type Support Delivery Map Code Lookup Support Delivery Visual Map Display Interface Delivery Driver Departure & Arrival Tracking Delivery Driver Money Drop Support Delivery Driver Timing Support Frequent Diner Program In House Charge Account Program Bad Check Tracking Support Employee Time Card Tracking Support Employee Staff (Server) Bank Support Internal Email Communicator Support Gift Certificate Management Customer Credit Management Video Surveillance Snapshot Support Cash Register Functionalities Refunds, Voids, Pay Outs, & Manager Cash Outs Credit Card Interface To PC Charge Software Back Office Capabilities: Basic Back Office Features Inventory Management Support Employee Payroll Preparation Report Built-In Reports
  • Computerized Cooking
    That’s right, we take the labor out of barbeque. Our specialized bbq cookers are programmable giving the same great results time after time, also reducing the cost by not having to have a pit crew to work them. Simply prepare the meat and load per our instructions then hit the button. The next morning the bbq is waiting to be sold.
  • Support
    Food Cost and Menu Development for your geographical area. Franchise Location: We assist in site selection. Food, Beverage and Paper Products: We assist in providing you with approved vendors for our products as well as meeting with the vendors in your area. Full Line Point of Sale support for cash register and back office reporting. Equipment Purchasing: We provide assistance in finding both new and used equipment. Website Development: We have a complete in-house staff to help design and host your personal store’s website. DVD training cd’s on cooking procedures available for in house training. Full graphics/advertising department to help outline ads, radio ads and TV commercials.
  • Inventory & Supply Chain
    When you own a BadBob's Franchise, you'll receive white-glove setup for ordering inventory and food products with a focus on efficency and food cost reduction. As a franchisee, you'll have full access to BadBob's award-winning line of rubs, sauces, and spices as well as supplier setups for meats, vegetables, and everything else you need. BadBob's team will help you setup an efficient inventory management system using a customized touch POS system to forecast food usage, inventory need, and food cost analysis.
  • Application
    Interested in owning your own BadBob's Franchise? Fill out our application for more information. VIEW FORM Upon completion of our application for information additional reports and information will be forwarded via email. CONTACTS: General Questions and Information: PHONE 731-285-3026 FAX 731-286-5283
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