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     A fire proof glove waves through a cloud of smoke as a man peers into a dark object. He bravely reaches in and produces a perfectly smoked pork shoulder -- still sizzling like a comet come to earth. A grin creeps on his face, as he knows he's created a monster. Every rack of delicious baby-back ribs was perfectly moist and each arched bone was alive with a deep smoky red glaze. As the judges "oohed" and "aahed" over their succulent supper, they had no idea they were about to bite into the meanest tasting BBQ in West Tennessee. This was slow smoked -- with a volatile combination of herbs and spices; injected with sauces that defy imagination and incubated to the sound of muffled mid 70's classic rock as it emitted over the loudspeakers of a Memphis in May cook-off.

     After a few years and some big wins on the competition circuit, he had meticulously perfected his recipes and word soon got out about the monstrous taste of this championship BBQ. It wasn't long before Bad Bob was back in the lab etching out a way to bring the same level of attention and quality to slow smoked pork in the restaurant atmosphere. The answer was a computer controlled smoker that can regulate the cooking process even while you sleep. Gone are the days of BBQ by convection oven, prepared a few hours before you arrive. These are championship quality Boston Butts cooked for nearly half a day. This isn't dry chopped pork doused with smoke flavoring and a vinegar based sauce, these are hand pulled portions of tender Boston Butt. With a bottle of Bad Bob's Special Sauce and Bad Bob's Hawg Rub at every table, you've got access to a unique compliment that's perfectly blended to accentuate your BBQ euphoria. Of course, it stands so well on it's own we ask you to try your first bite of Bad Bob's bare. Be careful, it might bite you back...

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