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     There are two dimensions that make a restaurant a truly remarkable dining experience. One is the atmosphere. Now in the world of BBQ, at least, it can be tricky to please everyone's tastes. Most BBQ restaurants find it difficult to appeal to your "hardcore, hole-in-the-wall, hometown, loyal juke jointers", and your "mother of three needs to feed her kids something besides pizza if only there were a place to get BBQ ribs and my feet didn't stick to the floor" type customers at the same time. Yet Bad Bob's BBQ restaurants are renowned for just that, and people all over the country are beginning to see what it means to visit a Bad Bob's. If the smell of championship quality smoked ribs and chicken doesn't hit you from the street, then the twang of Memphis blues and the bold red and black decor will certainly grab you right as you open that door. The Bad Bob's mascot, with his snarling grin, just about sum it all up.

     After you've got them seated the other dimension, of course, is the product itself. Now here is something everyone agrees on. We have adapted our best recipes from the competition circuit and are able to produce a high quality item that is worthy of a Memphis in May judges palate. For most of your crossover boys, your everday patron eats nothing quite like a grand champion winning pork shoulder that has been smoked for ten hours. Our revolutionary process, however, allows amazing control and consistency of our food as it cooks in a computer controlled smoker overnight. What's more is that we provide all rubs and sauces on the side. Try to find a BBQ joint confident enough to serve their food undoused and unseasoned. What they call the status qou, we call having something to hide. And although we have our methods in the kitchen, our customers have found our rubs and sauces to compliment everything from potato chips to eggs, hence the Bad Bob's Hot Sauce motto: "It's not just for breakfast anymore."

     The point is, owning a Bad Bob's is more than just a lucrative business opportunity, it's the ability to become involved in an establishment you can be proud of; the type of place people talk about. We are quickly becoming the hometown hangout and supper quick pick up for BBQ fans everywhere. Call us today or shoot us an email for more information about franchise opportunities with Bad Bob's BBQ.

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