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Artistic rendition of Bad Bob.     Hey there, my name is Bad Bob, darn glad to meet ya. Why don't ya sit a spell and I'll tell ya a thing or two about myself. I've been cooking in Memphis in May contests for quite some time, and there are those that would call me a professional. So after several years of contest cooking, I decided it was high time I let you be the judge. That's why we're bringing that championship quality experience to our restaurants.

     Whether you're eatin' at our trough or pigging out at home, I guarantee you're eating barbecue so good, you'll wonder what you ever did without it. Our slow smoked Boston Butts are so juicy and tender, you'll be screaming "I'm a butt man!". Plus, our ribs are so delicious, you'll wonder why Adam gave one up. Most importantly, we know you'll love that smoke, spice, and special treatment we put into bringing you the best barbecue ever.

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